This is what happens when shit gets unreal

What the hell THIS all about, anyway?

To be honest, I don’t really know.

There’s been a feeling of “over connectedness” in my life and this site is an attempt to say, “F’ all that” and let me drop the filters and BS that I usually have up.  Whenever I go on Twitter or Facebook or my family blog, sure, I can share “OMG I JUST POOPED! LOL!” which is very “OMG LIKE!” but I can’t really say things like, “I was looking at some porn the other day and this guy reached up and fisted this chick while she was cooking a meal and she got this really weird look on her face.  I’m pretty sure that she thought she was going to be on some sort of local access cable cooking show right up until the point where this guy wearing the cheap rolex knockoff turned her into a slut muppet.”

Topics here I expect to range from politics to video games to sex and whatever other random crap my brain is feeling constipated by.

If by some strange chance one of my friends or family members stumbles across this blog some day and connects the dots to say “Holy crap, I’m going to KILL HIM for saying that!”, allow me to just say this:

“I am so, very, VERY sorry.”

EDIT: Moved this to the helpful about page.


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