This is what happens when shit gets unreal

Here I Am!

A blog, huh? Odd that I’m writing on one, really, as I spend a lot of time railing against the 24 hour information cycle, and how it has corrupted the news. And I completely blame the blogoshere.

Not the cool, attractive, fancy-worded, ERUDITE blogoshere, of course,

but the fat, ugly, Neanderthal blogosphere

It is obvious which side of that equation I fall on, so I will not embarrass you by belaboring the point. More on that another day…

Suffice to say, I will probably find a conspiracy or two to write about. I am currently engrossed by the one that is being perpetrated by the Hershey Company, in which they buy advertisement that is so bent on me NOT eating Kit Kat bars, and that they are willing to have the product shown being eaten by trolls at high volume to ensure it. Jokes on you guys… I know where the mute button is on the remote, AND, failing that, have become adept at sticking my fingers in my ears and humming really loudly, while squinching my eyes shut, to avoid any hint of the ad reaching my brain. So, basically, I look like this, whenever the commercial comes on:

You may say “But, isn’t this easily solvable? Couldn’t you just get off your butt, and move away from the television?” Well, yeah, but that would involve moving the candy bowl, and the wrappers, finding the remote so I can turn off the television, getting up without overstressing my Pajama Jeans, and doing… something.


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