This is what happens when shit gets unreal


When I started Undermoderated, I had a vision of a place where the smartest and funniest people I knew could gather and share themselves with all of you and that it would become popular enough for us all to sell out and retire to our own private islands (please email undermoderated@gmail.com with offers).

I’m very excited to say that almost everyone I initially invited to join me on this ridiculous project has agreed to become a regular contributing author.  The strange thing about this is that even though I know all of these people (and have known some of them for years), they have no idea who the other authors are.  Almost all of them are total strangers to each other and they all come from a wide variety of backgrounds.  Things that they do have in common: a sense of  what is funny, intelligence and strong opinions.

It’s my hope that with such diverse people that we will have some awsome fights great discussions and something funny and interesting to read for pretty much anyone who visits here.  Come and join us, won’t you?  Click that big button on the side there to be emailed whenever there’s a new post or subscribe to the RSS feed and leave us your comments to tell us how great we are or just how lonely you are.



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